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There are 359 standard acupuncture points mapped over a human body, plus additional points on the ear and the scalp.  The standard acupuncture points are organized into the meridians, which are useful mental constructs used by the practitioners to locate, communicate, diagnose, as well as administer acupuncture treatments.  There are 12 primary meridians, plus 8 extra meridians.  Most of the extra meridians do not have points assigned to them, except the Du and Ren meridians.  Thus, in standard acupuncture vernacular, the standard acupuncture points are mapped/designated along the 12 primary meridians plus the Du and Ren meridians.

In addition to what are mapped in the aforementioned 14 meridians, there are a few "loose" standard acupucture points that are not mapped to any particular meridian per se.  These acupuncture points are termed the extraordinary points, which are scattered around the body, varying from tips of extremities to head and face, and so on.

To learn more about the dtails of each meridian and its points, click on the meridian icon below to get started.

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