Herbal Medicine

Discover the power of natural herbal supplements and how they can help you achieve your health goals.

Throughout history, humans have turned to nature for nourishment when hungry and therapy when ill, regardless of the location, the ethnicity or the chronology. Our reliance on nature continues to this date. Even in the era of unprecedented advances in pharmaceutical technologies, nature continues to be the single most important source of medicinal inspirations and hope.

Every culture or region has its own brand of folk remedy that takes advantages of plants, minerals, or animals accessible to them. These folk remedies continue to play an important part of people's daily lives.

While every culture has its own unique herbal medicine heritage, none can match the vastness and depth of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when it comes to herbal medicine. In the west, TCM is often associated with acupuncture, however, in reality, herbal medicine has always been the more significant component of two. The volume of written classics in herbal medicine out numbers that of acupuncture by the ratio of 500 to 1. It has a rich and profound cultural legacy, but more importantly, it remains relevant to maintaing our daily health, even in this day and age. For many internal conditions such as digestive dysfunctions, anxiety, dysmenorrhea, etc. herbal medicines are actually more appropriate and effective solutions than acupuncture. When needed, we supplement acupuncture treatments with herbal medicines to help the patients to continually heal in between acupuncture sessions.

Here at Meridian Acupuncture, we emphasize on an integrated approach to Chinese herbs. We absorb the empirical wisdoms of the old with the clinical research findings of the new. Meaning that we started off with the classic Chinese herbal texts as a guide and active sought researching findings, clinical studies, and the pharmacodynamics to gain a level of understanding that exceeds even that of a most seasoned practitioner.  This helps us to develope a nuanced insight into the applicability and efficacy of the herbal medicines, and that allows us to help our patients heal better, feel better, and obtain a more complete health.

Do These Products Have Any Exotic/Endangered Animal Parts?

Heck no. I inspect the ingredients of every patent formula that I prescribed. I will only prescribe formulas that do NOT results in death or abuse of animals, especially if it's an endangered specie. Yes, I do eat meat, so I am neither a vegan nor a vegetarian. There is simply unacceptable to condone unnecessary killing/abuse, especially endangered and exotic animals for the sake of "traditional medicine".

Herbs Taste Nasty, Do I Really Have to Take Them?

We don't like raw bitter herbs either. And we do not prescribe to the old adage of "the bitterer medicine, the better it is good for you".

Plus, how many of us have the time to cook raw herbs? Most of my patients don't even have time to cook a simple home made meals for themselves, how do you expect to find time to cook raw herbs especially when you are not feeling at your best? And where are you going to find the raw herbs? Fortunately, we are lucky in San Francisco in terms of accessing specialized herb shops, but still, that'a another trip. I know there are die-hard raw herb people who would rather duel me to death than taking anything less. But as a patient, please ask yourself honestly if you have enough discipline and energy to prepare and consume the herbal tincture as prescribed. And if you don't cook for yourself at home, or you tend to miss a medication here or there, then I would seriously rule against raw herbs. Oh, by the way, don't forget about that taste... After all, I am here to help improve your health, not to torture you.

So, I prescribe only pre-packaged herbal extracts and supplements from Sun Ten and Standard Process, two of the highly regarded companies in the field of herbal extracts and natural supplements. They are much better structured to ensure the quality standard of the herbs and preparing the herbs in a professional level. Their products are less starch filled so they have higher potency, they costs more, and they are only sold through practitioners only. I use them myself and I would not think about using anything less. There are definitely cheaper alternatives on the market, but when it comes to herbal medication, that benefit/cost ratio of cheaper alternatives simply are not worth it. For more explanations on the benefits of patented herbal formulas over raw herbs.




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