Have you ever wondered what are in an acupuncturist's bag of tricks?  What else do we do other than sticking needle in your body? 

Quite a bit, actually.  By the scope of our medical license, acupuncturists are an amazing versatile bunch.  We have at our disposal a wide range of powerful and effective modalities for both internal and external applications.  By internal, I mean herbal medicines; and by external, I mean all the modalities that an acupuncturist perform on the external surface of your body.  I generally prefer to call the external medicine as manual modalities because it first emphasizes the fact that they need to be performed by the hands of the practitioner, second, it differentiates it from something like herbs, which you need to ingest to reap their therapeutic benefits.

Here's a list of the modalities that I employ in my practice.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs are a very important part of my practice. I prescribe herbal medicine to support the patients’ healing between acupuncture treatments.

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Electrical Stimulation

acupuncture electrical stimulation vintage
Electrical stimulation (aka e-stim) entails stimulating the target areas through the combined use of acupuncture and gentle electrical current.

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cuppingCupping, ah, the cupping! 

Thanks for Michael Phelps and other decorated Olympians at the Rio Olympics, cupping is nabbing its 15 minutes of fame at the Rio Olympics.

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Moxibustion is a therapeutic technique that entails burning a bundle of dried mugwort. The dried mugwort is chosen for its gentle burn rate, pleasant and soothing aroma, and pliable loose fibrous texture that makes it easy to pack them into a desired shape.

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